Amazon "digital locker" cloud aiming to overshadow Apple and Google?

Apple, Google, and now Amazon – all tipped to be racing to offer their own "digital locker" services for users to store their digital media online and then stream it to mobile devices. According to CNET's sources, Amazon could announce a cloud-based storage system for music, video and ebook content as early as this week, despite not apparently having all the necessary licenses in place.

Amazon already keeps online backups of Kindle users' ebooks, and its S3 server business would make it an obvious choice for cloud services. Meanwhile there's the Amazon Video on Demand service for streaming TV and movies.

According to the sources, Amazon would allow users to store content not bought from its own store, believed to be the strategy that has delayed Google's launch of a similar service. Apple, meanwhile, is expected to announce a heavily cloud-based update to iOS and OS X in the coming months.

[via Gizmodo]