Amazon Dash: scan or speak to order what you need

There's a device appearing this week going by the name of Amazon Dash, one that'll enhance the way users will be able to work with Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is a food and essentials service that only works in a limited set of areas at the moment, delivering fresh goods to users homes. Amazon Dash is a tool users – apparently – carry around and speak to when they remember what they need.

The Amazon Dash device is meant to be a tool that will assist you in keeping up during the day – not a replacement for your smartphone. While you could just type what you need in your computer whenever you think about what you need, Amazon Dash is meant to make remembering what you need easier.

There are two ways to use Amazon Dash – one is to press the Microphone button and speak to it. Speaking to the device adds whatever item(s) you've spoken about to your Amazon buy list – from your computer you'll select the exact brands and amounts you need.

The second way you'll be using Amazon Dash is with the Scan button. Press the button and scan a bar code on the household good you need more of and you'll have that exact item appearing in your Amazon account for purchase.

Amazon Dash is a free item. At the moment it's free, that is, while a "by invitation only" note sits upon it. It's not known when or if this device will be available to the public.

VIA: Amazon