Amazon Dash gets 11 new ways to make you a repeat customer

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Amazon's recent Dash Buttons — those physical buttons that let customers re-order a specific product, like laundry soap or coffee, with a single press — is powered by what they call the Dash Replenishment Service. DRS is actually a little-known program that Amazon lets manufacturers use with their connected appliances and devices to automatically re-order items when they become low. For example, a water pitcher that orders new filters when it's getting close to replacement time.

Now Amazon is announcing that they've got 11 new partners to the DRS program, including device makers such as Samsung, General Electric, and August. For customers, it works just like the Dash Buttons, except they don't actually need to press anything, as the connected device will handle things automatically.

Among the new brands and items to the program are a washer from GE that features WiFi connectivity and apps that monitor laundry tasks. With the DRS implementation, it can order laundry detergent when the supply is getting low.

The August Smart Lock, which can lock and unlock doors from a smartphone app, can order new batteries. Gmate's SMART Blood Glucose Meter will similarly order more testing supplies when needed. Pet feeders from Obe, Petnet, and Oster can order pet food, Samsung laser printers will be able to order ink cartridges, and Sealed Air's hand soap dispensers will order their own hand soap or sanitizer.

Amazon notes that device makers can get started adding DRS to their products with as few as 10 lines of code, and any product that can connect to the internet can take advantage of DRS. While the program is still in a beta, Amazon plans to open it publicly this fall, and it won't be limited to just large manufacturers, as hobbyists are invited to make use of it too.