Amazon boots another tech brand to the curb seemingly over fake reviews

Anyone who frequently shops on Amazon knows a wide range of companies place little cards into the package promising a gift card, sometimes worth more than the product itself, for users who leave five-star reviews. To say it's disconcerting to purchase a product based on a horde of high reviews and then find out they're being paid for would be an understatement. As a result, Amazon has been stomping out brands, many of them from China, that are paying for reviews relentlessly, and another major company has now been delisted.

The latest tech company to get the boot from Amazon is called Choetech. The company is a Chinese tech accessory brand, and it appears that Choetech has been completely delisted from the platform. While the exact reason the company has been removed is unknown, it has likely been caught in the crackdown on paid reviews. Other major tech firms, including Aukey, Ravpower and Mpow, were removed from Amazon in the last few months.

Amazon has very strict guidelines for product reviews prohibiting sellers from posting reviews of their products, paying for reviews, or offering money and gift cards to incentivize users to post positive reviews. Amazon has always been clear about its zero-tolerance policy for violations of those guidelines.

Amazon's guidelines state that companies caught running afoul of those guidelines will see their products immediately and permanently removed from the platform. Removing products from the store offered by companies paying for fake reviews is a clear win for consumers.

It's good to see Amazon cracking down hard on companies that aren't playing by the rules. I frequently shop from Amazon, and the number of products that come with cards offering gift certificates for 5-star reviews on Amazon is staggering. The fake reviews certainly influence my purchase decisions.