Amazon Blink Video Doorbell and camera mounts: Making sense of it all

Amazon expanded their Blink ecosystem of whole-home security products with their Blink brand this week, including their first video doorbell. The Blink Video Doorbell will be ready to roll in among the collection that also includes a Blink Floodlight Camera and a Blink Solar Panel Mount, both of which can be bundled with the previously revealed Blink Outdoor in a variety of combinations.

The Blink Video Doorbell works with a 1080p HD video camera that works with day and night vision. The device runs on two AA lithium batteries, but can also be paired with a Blink Sync Module 2 and wired. If paired with a Sync Module 2, the "included batteries" are able to last for what Amazon suggests is two years.

If the device is connected with a Blink Sync Module or via wiring, this doorbell can work with on-demand live view and two-way audio. This device also works with two-way audio when a visitor arrives at your door even if you're just using batteries and connecting wirelessly.

Blink Video Doorbell works with motion alerts and chime app notifications using the Blink app. Users can also wire the doorbell to their existing in-home doorbell. The doorbell can record, save, and share video with the Blink Subscription plan OR save locally (for no subscription cost) if the doorbell is paired with a Blink Sync Module and USB flash drive.

Amazon also announced the Blink Floodlight Camera. This is a battery-powered LED mount that works with the Blink Outdoor. So technically the Blink Floodlight Camera isn't so much a camera as it is a light that pairs with the Blink Outdoor to create a floodlight camera system. There's also a Blink Solar Panel Mount to provide the Blink Outdoor all the power it needs without needing to replace batteries.

The Blink Video Doorbell will be released on pre-order today at Amazon for around $50 USD. The Blink Floodlight Camera and Blink Solar Panel Mount will be available for pre-order today as well, also from Amazon.

If you're looking for the Blink Floodlight Camera mount and you already have a Blink Outdoor, you can purchase the mount for around $40. If you're looking for the Blink Floodlight Camera bundle (with the Blink Outdoor camera) for approximately $140 USD. The Blink Outdoor can also be bundled with the Blink Solar Panel Mount for around $130 USD.