Amazon's one-day Arlo Pro 2 deal is a security must-have

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Amazon is running a one day home security sale, and if you've been meaning to install security cameras or a smart doorbell, now might be the time to jump on a deal. The promo includes Netgear's well-esteemed Arlo Pro 2 wireless camera system, one of the easier security webcam setups to install since each of the cameras are battery powered.

That reliance on wireless connectivity and battery power pays dividends when it comes to positioning each camera. With no wires to run – either for power or data – back to the Arlo Pro 2 base station, and the cameras themselves being weatherproof and thus suitable for outdoor use, it's certainly a lot more convenient than most camera systems.

Usually, a three camera Arlo Pro 2 kit by Netgear would come in at $679. However, for today only Amazon is offering the same kit for $483, a saving of more than $196. Indeed, it makes the three camera kit only $43 more expensive than Netgear's two camera kit.

The Arlo Pro 2 supports 1080p Full HD video streaming, along with audio from each camera. There's Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT integration, and the ability to wire the cameras in if you prefer. Do that, and you can have optional 24/7 continuous recording, activity zones, and the ability to look back three seconds before each recording was triggered.

If you don't need a whole multi-camera security system, just a way to keep an eye on who comes to the front door, Amazon has you covered there, too. Two smart doorbells are also part of the retailer's connected home security deals today. They're priced from under $135, in fact.

Cheapest is the Zmodo Video Doorbell, at $134.99. That's a 25-percent saving off the usual price. It has a Full HD 1080p camera, equipped with a 180-degree lens, so it should be able to spot anybody even if they're pressed up against your front door. Zmodo includes 36 hours of motion alert clip storage in the cloud for free, too.

Alternatively, there's an even bigger saving on the Wisenet SmartCam D1. That's now $169.99 in Amazon's one-day promotion. It, too, supports 1080p Full HD video, but it also has face recognition and human detection. That allows the camera to alert you to a familiar face, once it has learned frequent visitors to your front door.

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