Amazon AppStore For Android Reportedly Live Outside US

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Amazon's AppStore for Android has quietly gone live outside of the US, it appears, with users in the UK, the Netherlands and elsewhere all reporting that they now have access to the download store. Although there's no sign of an announcement from Amazon itself – and indeed the retailer's site still says it's US-only – it's now possible to sign-in with a non-US account and download apps.

Users in Australia and India have also reported that the AppStore now works for them, though we've also heard from other users that they're still having problems. Looks like we may have caught Amazon at the very start of the process of opening up the download service.

It's unclear whether those outside of the US will have access to the "Free App A Day" which has helped Amazon get installed on so many Android devices so far. The broadening of access to the download store in general may well be a precursor to launching the Amazon Kindle Tablet, which is expected to happen later this year, though it's unclear what support for third-party apps the heavily-modified Android-based ereader-slate may have.

You can download the Amazon AppStore for Android from this link. Let us know how you get on, and where you're based, in the comments!

[via The Digital Reader]