Amazon Appstore cross-platform ambitions confirmed

Amazon's Appstore plans may start with Android, but the retail giant isn't limiting its aspirations to Google's OS. According to Aaron Rubenson, category leader for the Appstore, Amazon's intent "is to provide a vast selection to customers from multiple operating systems"; speaking to Mobile-Device, he confirmed that the recommendations-led software store has ambitions to take on other platforms.

As for which platforms may be next, Rubenson wouldn't say. "Although the store will feature Android apps at launch," he explained, "we will evaluate opportunities to expand our selection on an ongoing basis." One potential issue may be gaining sufficient access to the underlying OS of other smartphones: Google's openness with Android makes that relatively straightforward, but rivals like iOS are far less accommodating.

Rubenson confirmed that the Amazon Appstore "will launch soon", but MillenialMedia already seems to have scooped the retailer with news that it will in fact come later in March. Both free and paid apps will be available at launch, with payments through Amazon's existing systems.