Alexa can give you a free movie ticket in March

A slightly convoluted set of steps appeared this week on Atom Tickets with an end-goal of a single free movie ticket to a film of the user's choice. The folks at Atom Tickets likely enabled this promotional bit of work in order to tie users' minds to the idea that ordering a movie ticket via Alexa (and Atom) would be the best (and most default) way to go through the future. In any case – it might be worth the process, depending on movie ticket prices in your area.

To get this party started, you'll need to wait until March 16, 2020. The Amazon Alexa / Atom Tickets promotional system works from March 16 until March 29, 2020. They've also stipulated that this is a "while supplies last" sort of situation, and valid only inside the United States.

It would seem that users will only be able to get in on this "free ticket" by utilizing the Amazon Alexa Atom movie ticket skill. "Order a ticket to any movie with the Atom skill for Alexa and your ticket will be free," wrote an Atom representative in the terms for this promo. The free ticket will not be granted with purchases made from the Atom app or website – only the Atom skill for Alexa.

You'll want to begin by speaking with your Alexa device: "Alexa, ask Atom to buy a movie ticket for today." You may need to activate the "Atom Tickets" skill (as made by Atom Tickets) before this will all work. Information regarding the process with which this system works can be found at Atom Tickets, and we make no guarantees on Atom's behalf.

This is an interesting setup, as it's clearly meant to be a loss-leader sort of situation. When you head to a grocery store and buy a product for a shockingly low price, it's likely that either the grocerty store pushed said price down specifically so that you'd enter the store and purchase more items than just that one, single item.

In the case of this movie ticket thing, we've got a two-fold promo going on. Atom gets the double-benefit of having your movie ticket buying tendencies on closer lock with Alexa – it's easy, almost TOO easy to buy movie tickets once you've got Alexa within earshot. The other bit is the number of tickets you're likely to buy – two.

The vast majority of moviegoers go with more than just themselves – it's a community affair, for the most part. At that point you're not really getting a free ticket, you're getting two tickets at a discount. But still, everybody wins?