AllGo $15 Android computer could enable super-cheap tablets [Video]

We're seeing Android tablets all around, but just how many of them are actually reaching shelves where we can buy the damned things is another question entirely.  ARMDevices discovered what manufacturers AllGo are describing as an Android-based computing platform with a bill of materials coming in at $15; thrown in a 7-inch WVGA resistive touchscreen and a battery and they reckon it could still be just $35.Video demo after the cut

Keeping things running is Freescale's i.MX233 chipset, an ARM9 SoC that's not exactly the latest in technology but is fine for running AllGo's custom Android build, UI and other apps.  It'll play YouTube video and is fine for streaming audio over its WiFi connection.

Of course, before a potential buyer might see such a device on the shelves, there'd need to be shipping and the various taxes involved, together with whatever margins the manufacturer and distributor wanted to slap on top.  Still, as Charbax from ARMDevices suggests, if Google decided they wanted to storm the market with low-cost Android slates they could use a low-power Freescale processor like the i.MX233 and bring the tablets in well under the iPad's price.