AllCast Is Getting An iOS Port

iOS users who feel left out of all the phone-to-device streaming fun might soon find solace from an Android developer. Koushik "koush" Dutta has revealed what appears to be a working port of his AllCast app running on iOS, expanding the reach of his casting ecosystem beyond the confines of Android.

In the Android world, Koush is popular for many things, including ClockworkMod recovery and ROM Manager. Of late, he has also been seen hard at work with AllCast which lets Android users cast their phone's contents, sometimes even mirror the whole screen, to various recipient devices. While the "sender" app is so far Android only, the receiver app has been ported to numerous devices like Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and even the Apple TV. December last year, Koush even teased smartphone screen mirroring to an Apple TV.

Now Koush is teasing the fact that he is working on an iOS version of the AllCast sender app as well. iPhone owners familiar with the app might wonder why it took Koush this long to make the port. According to the developer, it is only because iOS 8 has added API equivalent to some of Android's, particularly something like Intents (in a nutshell, how Android apps talk to one another), that has finally made such a port possible for him to undertake.

Considering that iOS 8 won't be fully launched until later in September, Koush says that the AllCast iOS app won't be available until a few weeks after. He also hasn't revealed yet the exact scope of functionality iOS users will be able to expect from the app. Yesterday, he updated the AllCast Android app as well as the Chrome browser extension which would allow users to cast and even mirror from their phone to the Chrome web browser. That will definitely be an interesting feature to have handy once this iOS port rolls out.

SOURCE: +Koush