All Your Mobile Ads Are Belong to Google, Just Second

Chris Burns - Nov 3, 2010
All Your Mobile Ads Are Belong to Google, Just Second

Just about six months ago, Google completed acquiring AdMob, a company you more than likely know about if you’ve ever seen an advertisement on your mobile device. It cost them $750 million to purchase AdMob, and Google and the mob are announcing that they’ve begun the process of melding themselves together. Over the next few weeks the 20,000 application developers in the AdMob network will have access to Google AdSense ads. This process will begin by adding Google to developers daisy chain of ad networks in spot number 2, meaning once AdMob has run out of ad impressions for that particular app during a particular hour or day, the Google ads start showing up.

The update into this new megamonster will be done with no effort on the part of the publishers. All the coding is done on the backend, Google AdSense being directly integrated into the publishers AdMob account. There will be an opt-out option for those who do not wish to accept Google ads in this manner.

Several new features will be added to AdMob as a result of the melding besides the daisy chaining, including such things as Click to Call and location-based targeting. Some publishers already use both AdMob and Google AdSense for their apps, but the overlap of those users to this new system is said to be a very small number.

Furthermore, the former AdMob sales staff is now acting as Google’s moblie display specialist team. Meanwhile, Google’s mobile search specialist team continues to function “as it always has.” I hope they don’t get into any turf battles, what with the singing and the snapping.

[Via MoCoNews]

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