All World of Warcraft expansions are now free for all players

The next few months are looking to be good ones for Blizzard, and fans of their popular MMO, World of Warcraft. In June, Blizzard will release their first feature film, based on the franchise. Then in August, they'll be releasing the next expansion for the game, Legion.

With this much excitement surrounding the game, many people will be coming back, hoping to relive some of the fun that they've had in the past. Others might pick it up for the first time, being drawn in by the new movie. There's always been one big problem for players that pick up WoW this far down the line. The game has five expansions now, and you need to buy the latest one to get the full experience. Sure, you can usually find a good deal on it, but it's still always a costly hassle to have to do.

That problem is now a non-issue, at least for the time being. Blizzard has made a move that we've all been waiting for. Every active account has been upgraded to include all five current expansions for the game. And everyone who purchases a new copy of the base game will get the same treatment, as well.

This may be a surprising move, but it's a smart one. It's very possible that the new movie will draw in a host of new players. And it's far easier to get someone to throw down $20, than to tell them that they have to also buy a few expansions on top of it. Plus, it lets everyone get caught up on the game before they release Legion in August. This also means that everyone getting a free copy of the game with their movie ticket will also get all of the expansions, as well.

VIA: Polygon