All NVIDIA SHIELD TV models updated to Android 11

The smart TV device NVIDIA SHIELD TV is, shockingly, still getting updates from NVIDIA. Not just the latest models, but the original 2015 NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device. The latest update appeared this week, bringing the SHIELD Experience 9.0 with Android 11, prepared for each of the versions of the NVIDIA SHIELD device, old to new.

This update adds Stadia button support to several controllers, including SHIELD controllers, PlayStation DualShock controllers, and Xbox controller. NVIDIA SHIELD continues to support a wide variety of 3rd party controllers as well as its own proprietary gaming controllers and Bluetooth headsets. This update also adds support for aptX compatible Bluetooth headsets.

This update expands the options available to Bluetooth devices connected to NVIDIA SHIELD. A key enhancement for battery life allows automatic disconnection of Bluetooth devices when the NVIDIA SHIELD goes to sleep. Another adds the ability to match content audio resolution automatically (for speakers), with high resolution audio.

There's a new Energy saver setting for new power customization – though this won't be particularly important unless you're specifically worried about teeny tiny power draws like those the NVIDIA SHIELD presents. This update also adds the Android security patch for September 2021 – at last!

With Android 11, NVIDIA SHIELD get new privacy features (as you'll find in other Android 11 devices). At the same time – and right on time – you'll find a new default keyboard with Gboard. This keyboard adds new speech to text functionality – more than appeared on the device before.

If you have an NVIDIA SHIELD TV in your possession now, you should see this update available within the week. To force the update, try restarting your NVIDIA SHIELD TV, or heading to the bottom of your home screen to find Settings – About – System Updates – Download. If you have not seen the update by the end of this week, you may need to try a hard reset of your device. For this, you may need to unplug your NVIDIA SHIELD from its power source, plug the machine back in to said power source, and start anew.