All New HTC One photos leak comparing size to One Max

Shane McGlaun - Mar 10, 2014, 7:06am CDT
All New HTC One photos leak comparing size to One Max

Fans of HTC smartphones have been teased by the smartphone maker for a while about the new device that is in the works called the HTC One. The phone is also known as the HTC M8. Some tidbits about the device have been rumored, but so far, nothing official has been offered by HTC other than a teaser video you can see below.

Today some new images of the HTC One, aka M8, have hit the web via Chinese social network Weibo. The images show the larger HTC One (M8) compared to the older HTC One Max phablet. The new HTC One is the smaller phone in the pictures and the images clearly show a front camera, a big screen, and buttons on the front for accessing Android functions.

One of the things notably missing from the new One is a headphone port on the bottom like the Max has. The leaked photos don’t offer a look at the top of the One. Presumably, the top is where the headphone port is. Rumors continue to suggest that the new HTC One will use an aluminum unibody.

A video that leaked before shows the HTC One and its Sense 6 UI. The smartphone is also tipped to have a new Ultrapixel camera. HTC is expected to launch the smartphone on March 25.


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7 Responses to All New HTC One photos leak comparing size to One Max

  1. Major fail HTC, a step backwards from the original One.
    You just signed your own death certificate, say hello to chapter 11.

      • If a massive bezel and plastic edge is your thing, go for it. The original had glass all the way to the edge with its alluminum case, looked great. Well except for the massive black bar with hardware buttons. Instead of simply fixing those small problems and reducing the footprint, they added new ones with the plastic edge, huge black HTC bar, and even more bezel on the edge and sides.

        • That plastic edge is WAY less than what was there on the sides last year. And as i see all the pictures, i dont really find the different in amount of bezels from the previous one. I ofcourse want it removed, if it doesnt serve any purpose, but i dont oppose it so much. They actually fixed a few. They made the sides aluminum too, which makes it look better. They fixed the volume rocker, making it much easier to press. That plastic edge, i dont mind. I think they did it to hide the IR port.

        • I am looking at a photo of the original one right now and there is ZERO white on the edge of the bezel, the black goes all the way to the edge of the device.
          Now look at this device and there is a clear white plastic surrounding the entire device – looks cheap!

        • I’m looking at the one in my hand and it’s exactly the same if not more… Never go full retard…

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