Alienware’s super-high-end Media PC reviewed

Chris Davies - Jul 2, 2007, 2:47 pm CDT

Early in June when Alienware announced the Hangar18 HD Entertainment Centre I momentarily wondered whether anyone would be daft enough to buy one.  Yes, it’s indecently well specified, but at a minimum of $2k (and then the obvious expense of pairing it with a decent surround sound setup, HDTV screen and all the rest of the gubbins) it all seems to be edging into semi-installed territory when for the price you could probably piece together a reasonably similar system and still have cash left over for a few extra toys.  Computer Shopper have shown me the error of my ways, however.


 Alienware Hangar18

They’ve decided that after all that, the Hangar18 is really not much of a computer at all – in fact gaming, an area where Alienware normally excels, is pretty dire – and if you go into it expecting a traditional media PC (i.e. a PC with an optional media interface) then you’ll potentially disappointed.  If, however, you want a powerful, attractive PVR, then they seem to recommend it highly.  Check out their full review for more…

Computer Shopper [via Crunchgear]

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