Alienware M11X R3 specs surface

The specifications for an unannounced a new Alienware portable computer has surfaced. The machine is called the M11X R3 and while no pics of the notebook are offered, it would be a safe bet to expect it to share a familial resemblance to the M17x 3D notebook pictured here. The little machine has some interesting specs for an ultraportable.

It will have an 11.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768. The screen is LED backlit and has a TrueLife glossy panel. The RAM options for the machine are 1GB-8GB and all RAM sticks run 1333MHz and are DDR3. There will be three CPU options with a Core i5-2537M, a Core i7-2617M, and a Core i7-2675M option.

Storage options will be up to 750GB HDD with a 256GB SSD option offered. Options for 3G and LTE/WiMax 4G will be available as well. It will come in red or black finishes. The only big questions whether or not a discrete GPU will be offered. With Alienware, being a gaming brand I would bet a discrete GPU is an option. The machine is pegged for launch in early April at an undisclosed price.

[via Dell-lab]