Alienware's M11x netbook starting at $799

An 11.6-inch display, dedicated Nvidia GT335M graphics with switchable option , Core 2 Duo processor, and 6 ½ hours of battery juice.  I'm describing a netbook, Alienware's new M11x netbook, and that's all for just $799.  That's the most affordable I've ever seen for an Alienware product, well excluding those gaming t-shirts.

Seen initially back at this year's CES, the Alienware M11x was announced for the price of $999.  But Engadget received a tip scraped from the official Alienware site – the HTML source to be specific:

"The Alienware M11x, with over 6.5 hours of battery life and weighing under 4.5 lbs. will start at an amazing $799! Leave it to the folks at Alienware to enable truly mobile performance gaming at an affordable price."

Since when did netbooks become that cheap, that powerful (and that ferociously designed)?