Alien: Isolation game places Ripley's daughter alone in space

There's a video game being developed right this minute by Sega with a main character that, if you've never seen the Director's Cut of "Aliens", you might never have known existed. This character is the daughter of Ellen Ripley, a character that died (or so this one tiny scene suggests) while Ripley was floating home from her original Alien mission – not all that far from Prometheus. Here in a new game with a working title of Alien: Isolation, we're to take to a sparse universe not unlike that original film, doing so behind the eyes of the younger warrior.

Information on this game comes from sources speaking with Jason Schreier of Kotaku, with details spanning all the way back to 2011. It was back then that Sega announced (publicly) that the developer of a new Alien game would be Creative Assembly. Since then, the developer detail has been blurred – the newest information suggests that Sega could have announced this game as far back as E3 2013, but opted to continue working on the title until it was fully up to snuff.

This new game has been in development for a long, long time. Long enough that it was being worked on before the other most recent Alien game Colonial Marines. Because of the release and subsequent negative feedback received by the makers of Colonial Marines, Sega has been taking their time refining this title.

In Alien: Isolation, the main character (again, Ripley the Jr), will be alone on a space station. Nearly alone, that is, with "clones and soldiers" opposing you and just one Alien (Alien as we know the Alien, a Xenomorph), roaming the environment for "most" of the game. It's suggested that "vents, lockers, and melee weapons" play big roles in this newest title for combat and movement.

Alien: Isolation is "heavily" inspired by the first Alien movie, and it's quite likely we'll be in for more of a Horror game than in the most recent set of games – this including the Android-based Aliens / Predator title Aliens vs Predator: Evolution.

In other words, you won't be rolling around in relatively light locations looking for the occasional hack-and-slash. This is no action flick of a game. Stick around as we follow this game all the way to production – this isn't the last you've heard of Isolation, that's for certain!