Alexa expands on Fire, iPad, Android tablets

Alexa video calling was added to a collection of tablets this week in an effort to ramp up Amazon's smart assistant omnipotence. Amazon announced the update for all tablets, all at once – that includes Amazon Fire tablets, Android tablets of all kinds, and the iPad from Apple. Users will be able to use their device to place video and audio calls with Alexa, or send messages to almost anyone, with the assistance of Alexa.

Users will need to have supported Echo devices or the Alexa app in order to receive video or audio calls or Alexa messages. Users can also enable Drop In to connect instantly between Echo devices in the same home via said tablet. Users on Echo devices will be able to call upon Alexa instantly, just so long as their device has the latest updates.

Users will need to download the Alexa app on iOS or Android to make this system work. To make this feature work on iOS or Android devices (aka not Amazon's devices,) the Alexa app will need to be opened. Once the Alexa app is open, the feature should work the same as if the device were any other Amazon Echo-enabled device.

To enable this new set of features, users will need the newest version of the Alexa app. Once updated, they'll need to "verify their mobile number" and "import their contacts." And voilà! It'll all be ready to roll.

Just like every other Alexa service, one should be aware of Amazon's recording and storing of audio clips. Audio clips – of your voice, every time you make an Alexa request or command, are stored at Amazon and are accessible through your "Manage Your Content and Devices" page. To get to this page, head over to Amazon's "My CD" page and have a peek at your list of "Your Devices."

To the left of every device there's a button with three dots. When tapped, this button shows the device along with a collection of links. One of these links should be "Manage voice recordings." This link will delete any voice recordings made with this particular device – but clicking the link makes a request of Amazon, and does not delete said recordings immediately.