Alesis StudioDock for iPad turns tablet into pro-audio system

Alesis has unveiled its latest iPad peripheral, and if you're a digital musician who likes using your fingers then the StudioDock might make a lot of sense. A universal docking station, the Alesis StudioDock offers twin 1/4-inch XLR inputs and twin XLR outputs, along with a headphone socket, video output and MIDI in/out. It's designed to allow iPad music apps to connect with studio instruments as well as control external audio sources.

Each input has individual gain control and phantom power, and there's a guitar-direct control allowing direct input to amp and effects apps. A footswitch control lets you trigger a feature without needing to take your hands off the instrument, and there's USB MIDI support for hooking up a computer.

The video output can hook up to a TV or projector, opening the door to A/V installation use, and Alesis reckon the StudioDock is built for stage use too. It reminds us a little of Freescale's pro-audio Tablet Dock concept from last year, though this is something you'll actually be able to buy come May 2011, priced at around $199.

[via UberGizmo]