Alcatel IDOL 4S launches on T-Mobile with Windows 10 VR

The first device launched with mention of Windows 10 VR is the Alcatel IDOL 4S with T-Mobile. This smartphone is quickly becoming the most versatile casing for operating systems as it's also been subject to an Android release in standard form and a BlackBerry release (also with Android). Now it'll play host to the first Windows 10 VR experience – and it has access to the Windows 10 Continuum experience as well.

This device is now unlike the original Alcatel IDOL 4S – basic, yet powerful. The difference between this version of the device and the first release is in the button on the back. That and this version seems to be coming with a slightly more gold rim around its edges.

This version of the IDOL 4S comes with a set of VR goggles – very much like the package with Android that came before it. The big difference here is in Windows 10 (the mobile version) instead of Android. This device will come "pre-loaded" with games and videos to "expand your reach beyond the screen."

This release from T-Mobile will include a 45-day subscription trial of Hulu. It'll also include a 60-day subscription trial of Groove Music. The game Halo Spartan is set to be delivered with this smartphone for free right out the gate, too.

We do not have information on the timing of the release of this smartphone as of yet, but it's incoming quite soon. The T-Mobile listing page is set to deliver information to interested users in the meantime. This device will join the Alcatel OneTouch FIERCE XL with Windows 10 on T-Mobile – the bluest of Windows Phone devices still on the market today.