Albatron Slimline Netbook sized-up

Chris Davies - May 26, 2009
Albatron Slimline Netbook sized-up

After seeing NEC’s frighteningly expensive VersaPro VS netbook, all of a sudden Albatron’s slimline netbook seems a little less impressive.  That’s unfair to Albatron, though, as they’ve still managed to pack a whole lot into very little space; here you see it getting a piggy-back from the Samsung NC10, itself seldom accused of being a porker, while after the cut the Albatron manages to make a BlackBerry Bold smartphone look oversized.

The Albatron weighs under 1kg and squeezes in an Atom N270 processor, 6-cell battery and 1.8-inch hard-drive (or 8GB/16GB SSD), with two USB 2.0 ports and a clever magnetic dongle that offers ethernet and VGA.  The display is 10.2-inches and there’s talk of optional WLAN and WiMAX.

What we still don’t know is price.  Assuming Albatron can bring their netbook in under what NEC want for the VersaPro VS – and considering that machine is currently selling for in excess of $1,800, that shouldn’t be too tough a proposition – this may be the ultraportable-netbook to beat.

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