Airtime connects Facebook and YouTube to real video chat

This week the folks at Airtime have started a company on just a measly $33.5 million in funding and the help of celebrities ranging from Snoop Dogg to Martha Stewart, hoping that Facebook-connected video chat will bring them big bucks starting extremely soon. This is a chat service that connects you with people you know and/or have similar interests to your own, this taking the "oops, that person is naked" factor out of what was once a very successful Chat Roulette.

This application shows you who you've chatted with, will allow you to find people that are living near you, and will bring you closer to your extended network like never before. You can start a new chat, end the chat you're in, and choose from a list of already online friends you know to see if they want a video conference with you immediately. This chat program will have you also able to see YouTube videos at the same time as your chat partner and has a recently watch list as well.

At this very moment, Airtime is just chat and video watching – but soon it may be a whole lot more. The makers of Airtime have expressed interest in multiple tabbed conversations, live music experiences, photo integration, and a whole app creation environment as well. If people do indeed adopt Airtime as a significant service, we may well be able to play competitive games later this year. For now though, we wait!

Have a peek at Airtime yourself at and see who you can chat up!