AirScooter Takes To The Skies

Remember that Micro Mosquito RC helicopter from September?  It used a coaxial rotor system of two contra-rotating blades to make flying it as easy as kidnapping a sedated seal on rollerskates.  How many of you thought "I wish they'd make one full size, so I can ride around in it"?  Obviously enough for the magic helicopter fairy to hear you and make your wish come true!


Controlled by a simple set of motorcycle-style handlebars with a throttle grip to control the 65HP engine and in turn vary altitude, the Air Scooter requires far less training than traditional helicopters demand.  The absence of pedal controls means that people without the use of their legs (or, like me, who have rubbish independent hand/leg management) can fly too.  The 5 gallon fuel tank permits two hours of flight, while the flotation pontoons mean you can land on water should you misgauge your flight-plan!  Make sure you check out the video of the Air Scooter in action, after the cut.

So far the Air Scooter is still going through engineering and testing stages, but it's estimated to cost less than $50,000, fully assembled, once completed.

Air Scooter [via Hacked Gadgets]