Airplane Light for the child at heart

If you're looking for a bit of childhood inspired d├ęcor this airplane light is just chic enough to sneak into your adult home.

The light is designed for children, but unlike most lights designed for children it isn't covered in disney characters or over the top colors. If you do have young ones I'm sure any child would be more than appreciative to have it hanging in their room. However, for the rest of us why not have a little more fun and hang it for you. Adult style can get so stuffy, a cute little airplane is just the thing to spice things up a bit.

The airplane is a bit pricey at $150 a pop. If you're a twenty-something I wouldn't advise combining this with the space shuttle sheets you've had since you were eight. Child like design should be in slightly smaller portions.

Silver and Frosted Glass Airplane Light [via nerdapproved]