Airbus to offer EFB apps for iPad to aircraft pilots

It seems as if everybody is realizing how convenient iPads are, especially now that Airbus has become the very first aircraft manufacturer to have pilots use its new Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) performance-calculating apps for iPad. The new applications should allow pilots to optimize aircraft performance, lighten their load and save both money and time.

The series of apps, called "FlySmart with Airbus" is basically an alternative to the current PC-based EFB software, which will allow pilots to access Airbus flight manuals and compute performance calculations right in the palm of their hand. The apps have been tested by Airbus pilots so it complies with current Airbus EFB standards.

Of course, not just anybody will be able to download the new Airbus EFB apps from the App Store when they become available. The aircraft manufacturer made it clear that licenses for the EFB apps will only be available exclusively to Airbus customers.

[via Airbus]