Aio Wireless To Roll Out Nationwide Next Month

Despite being hit with a recent lawsuit from T-Mobile, AT&T's subsidiary Aio Wireless has announced that it will roll out its service nationwide in the middle of September. For now, the service remains only available in select markets in Texas, Florida, and the Metro-Atlanta region, with handsets for the service being sold through 200 Aio stores in the aforementioned states.

The carrier didn't state a specific date next month, instead saying only that the expansion would start in the middle of the month and continue from there. For those who join the service and activate it by September 29, Aio is offering the third month of service for free, something that is part of a new-customer fall promotion.

Those who want to take advantage of the promotion will be required to set up auto-pay with their service, and will still have to pay for any features they have in addition to either a Basic, Smart, or Pro plan. The service is no-contract, and attempts to simplify things by including taxes and such in the plan rates.

Said Aio Wireless's President Jennifer Van Buskirk: "We invite customers across the country to switch to Aio and experience our first class service with no annual contracts. We want to make it easy for consumers almost anywhere in the US to get great value in their wireless service, with the network coverage and experience they deserve, and devices they can be proud to own."

In case you missed it, news surfaced last evening that T-Mobile has sued Aio Wireless over the use of the color magenta on its website, doing so with claims that AT&T is intentionally trying to use the carrier's Uncarrier success to bolster its own no-contract service. Aio wireless responded to the claims with a quip about T-Mobile needing art lessons and saying that the subsidiary "doesn't do magenta."

SOURCE: PRNewswire