Aigo MID to get Windows XP in a month

Aigo have confirmed that the much-anticipated Windows XP version of their touchscreen MID will be made generally available, in addition to the existing Linux model.  Up until now, anybody wanting XP on the compact slider device had to do so unofficially.

Where the current Aigo MID has just 4GB of onboard flash storage, the company has doubled that for their Windows XP version.  Unfortunately they've done this by fitting two 4GB drives, rather than one big 8GB drive.  They've also confirmed that there'll be two versions, one with integrated 3G and one without.

No word on pricing or specific availability, but Aigo are saying the new XP MID will be available in around one month's time.  Aigo will also be making the XP-related drivers available to existing owners.  This video from jkkmobile sets out the possible pros and cons of the new XP version: