Aigo AigoPad Android tablet coming this year

Aigo look to be covering all the OS bases with their tablet/MID ranges; as well as the existing Windows models and the recently uncovered Maemo device, there's now talk of an upcoming Android-based tablet.  Aigo CEO Feng Jun has apparently confirmed that the company is planning to release a new tablet later in 2010, running Android and provisionally titled the AigoPad.

Unfortunately Jun failed to go into any more detail regarding the tablet, including withholding details on screen size.  At this point, it's unclear whether the AigoPad will be a Notion Ink Adam rival, with an 8 to 11-inch display, or more of a MID with a 4 to 7-inch panel.

As we're discovering, though, the deciding factor for these tablet-style devices is probably not so much OS or even size as it is chipset and battery life.  If Aigo pick one of the more frugal ARM Cortex A9 chipsets (and hopefully pair it with one of the recent low-power displays, such as Pixel Qi or mirasol) and squeeze out over 10 hours of battery life then they could carve a niche for themselves.

[via Pocketables]