AI runs Android, Chrome OS, Ubuntu & more on Beagleboard simultaneously [Video]

Last we heard of Always Innovating, the company was talking about its Smart Book hybrid, a combination tablet and netbook, similar in concept to the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. Now they're talking Beagleboard, and more specifically their custom environment, Super-Jumbo, to run Android 2.3, Ubuntu Maverick 10.10, Chrome OS and AI's own AIOS simultaneously on the OMAP3-based 'board.

Each can be set to load by default, and once you're inside AIOS you can choose any of the other platforms to switch to. Since Android, Ubuntu and Chrome OS lack that menu option, a double-press of the button on the Beagleboard opens up an OS switcher. AI is suggesting that each other platform has its own unique benefits: Android has the most polished browsing experience, Ubuntu has the most apps, and Chrome OS is unique as it's apparently the first time the platform is running on OMAP3/4 hardware.

That latter point may well be particularly important as we see Texas Instruments' OMAP4 chipsets arrive on the market; as we saw at MWC 2011, the new platform is capable of camera-based gesture recognition, multiple HD video streams and more, functionality which would be particularly interesting in a Chrome OS notebook. You can download AI's Super-Jumbo here, and pick up a Beagleboard here for $149.

[Thanks Ali!]