Aereo to fight broadcasters in front of Supreme Court over TV streaming

TV broadcasters have been out to destroy the cloud-based TV streaming company called Aereo since the streaming and DVR service launched. Aereo and its copyright infringement accusers have already been in court several times as broadcasters seek to have the service terminated on grounds of copyright infringement. However, Aereo has won each of the court cases so far.

Back in October, broadcasters threatened to take Aereo before the Supreme Court. Aereo has recently announced that it will not fight the broadcasters and their attempts to take it before the Supreme Court. In fact, Aereo welcomes the proceedings in front of the nation's highest court.

Aereo says that the Second Court of Appeals and two federal courts have ruled in its favor already. Broadcasters are trying to fight this same case in every jurisdiction where it offers service according to Aereo. The company wants to resolve the case based on merits rather than fighting a long legal battle against broadcasters in various jurisdictions.

If you are unfamiliar with the Aereo service, its subscribers get a small TV antenna and a datacenter the company owns in the area grabs the free OTA broadcasts and stores the footage on its cloud. The subscriber can then stream their favorite shows on demand to their web browser, phone, PC, tablet, or other device. ABC, Fox, CBS, and NBC contend that Aereo is violating their copyrights. The Aereo service costs up to $12 per month.


SOURCE: The Register