Aereo arriving in Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Chicago next month

Despite its struggles with cable companies, Aereo still seems to be going strong. The company announced today that they'll be launching their live television streaming service in Dallas, Houston, and Miami next month, along with Chicago, which was confirmed back in June. This brings the total city number to seven as of next month.

Aereo is already available to folks located in New York City, Boston, and Atlanta, and once September comes and goes, it'll be available in four more cities, with Texas claiming two of them. Aereo is planning to have its service implemented in a number of big cities across the US, so next month's rollout isn't a huge surprise.

If you're not familiar with Aereo, they use a large number of tiny antennas to pick up TV broadcast signals. From there, they convert it to a stream that they pump through the internet and provide to subscribers, from which they can then watch live television on their computers. It's been a controversial mess so far, but the government seems to be fine with it at the moment.

However, cable companies and even broadcast networks themselves are up in arms about Aereo's business and have already filed lawsuits against the startup company. However, that's not stopping Aereo from continuing its rollout. They plan to expand to around 20 more cities this year including Austin, Washington DC, Baltimore, Detroit, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Cleveland, and Kansas City.

Aereo also recently streamlined their subscription plans, which would get rid of daily and annual plans in favor of two simple monthly plans that are a bit easier to understand for new users. $8 per month will land you 20 hours of DVR storage space, while $12 per month will give you 60 hours of DVR space, which is 20 hours more than the previous $12 plan.