Aereo streamlines pricing plans by axing annual and daily options

Aereo has restructured their pricing plans for their antenna television and DVR service. Plans will now start at $8 per month, which gives you access to the service with 20 hours of DVR storage. $12 per month will see your DVR storage bumped up 40 hours to a total of 60 hours of DVR time. Furthermore, there's no contract to sign, allowing you to sign up for the service essentially risk-free for a whole month.

Aereo is also giving new customers one month free when they sign up, and since there aren't any contracts or commitments to sign your life away, new users could basically use that first free month as a free trial if they'd like. This is certainly a smart move on the company's end, as it gives potential users the opportunity to try out the service in depth without paying any money at first.

By moving down to just two plans, Aereo got rid of three of its previous options, including the one hour free trial, as well as the $1 per day plan and the $80 per year annual plan. The annual plan allowed to save more money by committing for a year, but the new plans give you more incentive to upgrade to the $12 per month plan, which offers 60 hours of DVR time, as opposed to just 40 hours.

The $8 per month plan stays the same, and you'll get free month of service instead of just an hour of trial time. Overall, the plans are a lot more simplified, but they aren't all that much better or cheaper. The only big difference is that the $12 plan gives you 20 hours more of DVR storage, which Aereo is hoping that most people will opt for. The new plans officially go into affect on May 15.

If you haven't heard of Aereo before, or aren't really sure what it's all about, it's essentially a service that brings live broadcast television to users over the internet by taking regular antenna signals and streaming them online for customers. The company has been in some heat with television networks, claiming that Aereo is taking away viewers illegally. However, Aereo remains to stay for now, and it's continuing its expansion across the northeast US as well speak, just recently hitting Boston.