Aereo's Boston spread tempts cable company fury

Aereo has been a part of a bit of controversy these past couple of months, mostly due to the fact that television networks aren't too happy with Aereo's business model. Nonetheless, Aereo has announced that its widening its reach past New York City, and will be launching its television services in Boston next month on May 15.

Boston residents will be able to pre-order Aereo service, which will give them access on May 15, while a wider public release for everyone in the Boston metropolitan area will take place on May 30. Aereo didn't mention the reach that its service would have in Boston, but they do say that the service should be able to support around 4.5 million customers in 16 counties in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Aereo allows users to watch live broadcast television on their mobile devices and computers. In New York currently, users pay $12 per month to stream live TV programming from over 20 local broadcast networks, including CBS, NBC, and FOX. The controversy is how the company is doing it: they're essentially yanking the broadcast signals using their own antennas and beaming it over the internet for users to enjoy.

Aereo was announced back in January, and while it's only available in New York City for now, the company will be launching it services in numerous states throughout 2013, including Miami, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Detroit, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Cleveland, and Kansas City.