Advent Vega Update Brings Back Flash Player 10.1, and There Was Much Rejoicing

If you'll remember back in December of 2010, there was a bit of an upsetting announcement for those who had or were planning on obtaining the Advent Vega Android Tablet. It seemed that the Vega slate, according to Advent, up until that point did "not exhibit the optimal performance that the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor is capable of running with certain Flash website content" — therefore, they pulled Flash Player 10.1 from the system and said that it'd be ready in the early part of 2011. Turns out that time is now, today!

You may have been able to grab Flash Player 10.1 with your device before now if you had access to less legal sources, but this announcement by Advent is encouraging. They've linked to Build 1.09 at and encourage you to go ahead and download, while they mention further that the soft update will be coming out early next week.

Now you can do all the flashing you ever wanted to do in your life! While we're here, let me ask you Advent Vega owners – are you glad you purchased the Vega? How's it working for you?

[via Twitter]