Adult Swim movie details released for Metalocalypse, Aqua Teen, Venture Bros

Adult Swim will release three new movies for now-ended original programming TV shows. The network, born of late-night cartoon programming requests from the kid-centric Cartoon Network, will bring some of the most popular original titles back to the world of the living with one-shot movies. There'll be one movie each for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros., and Metalocalypse.

A statement was released this week by Adult Swim. "Leveraging the power of WarnerMedia allows us to deliver original content to our amazingly dedicated and not-shy fans", said Michael Ouweleen, president of Adult Swim, "while also giving our talented series creators an opportunity to tell stories in new and interesting ways."

Venture Bros and Aqua Teen movies

The Venture Bros. movie will continue to be created, written, and executive produced by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, as was the series. This new production will show how Doc's latest invention "will either bankrupt the Ventures or launch them to new heights."

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie has a slightly more nebulous description as yet. It'll be a continuation of the madness that was the series and the single movie released in the year 2007. Frylock, Meatwad, and Master Shake are all onboard for the movie that is literally described as "a continuation of the hit animated series."

Metalocalypse Movie

The Metalocalypse movie promises to be the most spectacular monster of a production of the bunch. As the show's plot never technically reached a solid conclusion, this new piece of media should serve said purpose. It'll either be a bookend for the series or COULD open the door to a dark end to our reality.

It is said that the TRIBUNAL shall reveal the Falconback Project in this production as the following unfolds:

• The menacing Doomstar breaches the Earth's atmosphere

• The world grows in embattled chaos

• The "mysterious and twisted dissent of a band member threatens the future of Dethklok

This movie picks up immediately after the end of THe Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera. It picks up "directly after the heroic rescue of Toki Wartooth." It is here that the band shall "embark on a gauntlet of dangers that will try their very souls" and also "write the song that will be their salvation."

There'll be a movie and a soundtrack release for Metalocalypse. The soundtrack for this Metalocalypse movie will be released on WaterTower Music, and the movie will be made by Brendon Small and Tommy Blancha.

Release Media

Each of the movies will be released first, globally, on Blu-ray/DVD, digital transactional video on demand (TVOD), and with electronic sell through (EST) for a "90-day exclusive window." After the window is closed, the movies will be released on HBO Max (on the streaming platform) and Adult Swim (on regular old TV).