Adobe Wallaby Flash to HTML tool released

Adobe has released the first beta of its experimental Flash to HTML conversion tool, Adobe Wallaby. Gobbling up Flash animations and artwork and spitting out a mixture of HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript, Wallaby is the first public release of the Flash-to-HTML5 app demonstrated at MAX 2010 last year.

An Adobe AIR app, Wallaby produces HTML files that can then be edited as normal. However, the company has warned that some of the functionality from Flash Professional will be lost in the process, since not all of the features have direct counterparts.

The tool will allow Flash developers to more easily deploy their content – expected initially to include things like banner app animations – on browsers without Flash support, such as on iOS and other mobile devices. "Adobe lives or dies by its ability to help customers solve real problems" Adobe's John Nack said last year, "that means putting pragmatism ahead of ideology."

[via Infoworld]