Adobe Demos Flash-To-HTML5 Conversion Tool At MAX2010

Today Adobe either stunned the world! Or proved many of its citizens right in thinking they'd eventually make a move on HTML5 in the following way – a simple conversion tool. The announcement of such a tool took place at Adobe MAX 2010 which took place October 23-27, 2010, in Los Angeles California. This is a big convention where speakers speak and creators talk to each other and everyone learns about all the fabulous stuff Adobe has up their sleeves. Take a peek at the video of the announcement by engineer Rik Cabanier below.

As Adobe writer John Nack says: "Are you surprised? Don't be. As I've written many times, Adobe lives or dies by its ability to help customers solve real problems. That means putting pragmatism ahead of ideology." Wild words. Especially wild considering the slightly related news of Adobe CEO saying recently "We've moved on" on the Apple Flash argument.

Of course, HTML5 does not = Apple. It's not that simple. HTML5, if you don't know, is basically "Flash stuff without Flash." It can be used very loosely as an overall-term for things such as SVG, CSS3 (my favorite!), Canvas, and more. Adobe products wont export to a magical file format called HTML5 the same way you'd save as a JPG, it's more like saving a whole webpage (and everything in it.) Just Flashless. Seems like we can be friends after all.

[Via John Nack on Adobe]