Adobe Project Rush is basically iMovie in the cloud

Chris Burns - Jun 19, 2018, 1:49pm CDT
Adobe Project Rush is basically iMovie in the cloud

A new Adobe Creative Cloud app was revealed this week at VidCon 2018, an app called Adobe Rush. This is a video editing app, but better than that, it’s a video editing app that works on multiple platforms and stores data in the cloud. Adobe’s positioning this app as the best place for video editing individuals of all sorts to start their video editing journey – but they also want people who use multiple devices to use it, so it’s… kind of for everybody.

In the video below you’ll see a bit about how Project Rush works – or is meant to work. This app is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and it’ll make videos optimized for a number of social networks. It’ll have pre-sets, that is to say, based on some of the most popular social network requirements. In short – this isn’t a video editing app made for your full-length features.

This system allows quick editing and the use of Adobe Stock video and images. Users can select from “Motion Graphics templates” to make nice-looking videos – all of the Motion Graphics templates included with Rush come from artists working with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. As it is with each other Creative Cloud app, this Rush system ties in with the rest of the apps in a variety of ways.

Automatic color correction is included – Adobe attributes this to knowhow from Premiere Pro. Rush has auto-detection of audio – Adobe says this comes from Adobe Audition. Project Rush saves files to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Creative Cloud (your CC cloud space), and allows files to be opened from each of its several different app faces.

Once a project is open in Project Rush, it looks like an editing interface I, personally, recognize as very iMovie-like. Of course this in turn is rather Adobe Premiere Pro-like, and that’s very much like other video editing apps of the past. But right now – it looks easy to use, and I’m guessing it IS easy to use as well.

HOW DO I GET IT: Project Rush is available in beta for users right now – but you’ve got to get chosen by Adobe to be in said beta. This beta process requires that you tell Adobe what sort of video content you’ve made before, and how you’ll be using their software in the near future. You can get in on this beta over at ProjectRush.

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