Adobe preps Photoshop Touch among six tablet-optimized apps for iPad, Android

Adobe announced six tablet-optimized apps as part of its new cloud-based initiative that aims to enhance tools for creativity and sharing via iPads and Android tablets. Headlining the six apps is of course the company's Photoshop Touch that brings the image editing features of the powerful desktop Photoshop software to tablet devices.

The other apps include more specialized creativity tools, including Adobe Collage, which lets you import photos and provides drawing tools to create image collages. There's also Adobe Debut that works like a presentation software for Creative Suites files, Adobe Ideas for vector-based drawing tools, Adobe Kuler for color theme creation, and Adobe Proto for websites and mobile apps prototyping.

The apps, each costing $9.99, will be released first for Android starting next month, while release dates for the iPad versions may not be until early 2012, likely in time to debut with the iPad 3. And although there's no mention of Windows 8 tablets, the platform is expected to support all apps that have worked in the past for Windows 7, meaning that even traditional Photoshop should work on Windows 8 tablets.

The apps will all be integrated with Adobe's Creative Cloud, which will allow the company's desktop and mobile apps to sync and share content. Integrations with Facebook and Google search also allow for easy grabbing and sharing of images without leaving the apps.

[via MacRumors]