Adobe Posts First Billion-Dollar Quarter

So, you thought maybe Adobe would go away now that the digital world is moving toward the tablet, yes? That's crazy talk! Adobe Systems and their massively popular software are being used more than ever, as evidenced by the earnings they've posted in this fourth quarter of the fiscal year. This year Adobe notes that their revenue blasted forth 33% over last year, from $757 million in revenue last year to $1.01 billion this year.

Last year at this time, Adobe was posting a loss of $32 million (6 cents per share) – compared that to this year's fourth quarter at $269 million earned (instead of lost) with 53 cents per share, and you've got some very happy stockholders. Adobe says they expect revenue to grow 10% next year, a much slower growth than this year (but a growth nonetheless) owing to a rebound from a financial recession now, and simply a slower year next.

Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO, notes that he expects to BENEFIT from the "e-book revolution," noting how publishers will continue to adopt Adobe's software tools. Narayen notes that Adobe plans on helping developers who want to make software for tablet computers in the future. Hooray!

[Via USA Today]