Adobe Post debuts on iOS for social media graphics creation

One of the lasting trends among social media apps for smartphones is the photo sharing service, such as Instagram and all its clones. But a growing sub-genre of that are apps like Over, LetterGlow, and Cover, which let users add graphics and stylized text overtop their images before sharing them on their favorite social networks to gain likes and hearts. Now Adobe has stepped up to the plate with its own take for iOS, dubbed Post.

Adobe Post is another of the company's iPhone-first apps, similar to Voice and Slate for the iPad, in what they refer to as a "storytelling" suite. Post allows users to combine images, fonts, and text, and customize it into impressive looking graphics. The app starts off with design presets that can then be adjusted through elements such as color and font, or users can take advantage of design created by others.

The app is designed to simple and straightforward to use, with no previous knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom needed. Adobe imagines Post being used to create everything from inspirational quotes and photo captions for social media, to more practical things like business graphics, album covers, and blog banners.

Users also don't need to be familiar with the rules of graphic design, as Post can automatically present color palettes that match the photo being used, as well as handle adjustments to size and placement. When a graphic has been created, users can share it to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, messages, email, and more, as well as save them for later use. The app is available for free on the iOS App Store from today.

SOURCE Adobe [App Store]