Adobe Flash Player updates for ICS, Galaxy Nexus users rejoice

Just a few weeks ago when the international edition of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released, we were just thunderstruck over the idea that Adobe Flash Player was nowhere to be found – not on the phone or the Android Market – what we get to see today, on the other hand, on the day of the release of the Verizon version of this handset, is an update to that app and a free download on the market, right in the nick of time. This should come as no surprise, at least that the download would be available eventually, but as users will tell you: it's nice to see that Adobe wasn't just breathing smoke.

This Ice Cream Sandwich compatible version of Adobe Flash Player 11 is essentially the same as it was yesterday before it was available for download on Ice Cream Sandwich devices. It'll work just fine for you and yours and as always, it's a free download on the Android Market. Now as far as making this download available here and now for Ice Cream Sandwich instead of some weeks ago we're not aware of any good reason for it other than Adobe was simply not ready for a solid release.

Those of you fretting over the absence of this application on your brand new Nexus device, never fear, Underdog is here, but remember that it won't be updated forever. Head down to our timeline for Flash and you'll see that the mobile version isn't long for this digital world, the teams at Abobe handing over the reigns to the pages of history upon realizing that HTML5 had won. Whoa are we for that!

Meanwhile also feel free to check out our initial hands-on video and photos with this device from earlier today and stay tuned for the full review coming up soon!