Adobe: Apple "could undermine" the web

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may not have much good to say about Flash, but Adobe are taking the high ground; well, assuming the high ground is an ad campaign across various high-profile sites that professes their love not only for Flash, Apple and HTML5, but for "Freedom Of Choice".  That campaign – which you can see, delivered in Flash naturally, on Adobe's homepage – is supported by an open letter from founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock in which they warn that Apple may have "taken a step that could undermine this next chapter of the web."

In fact the whole letter is a thinly-veiled critique of Apple's relatively closed-garden approach to developing, to functionality and to control.

"We believe that consumers should be able to freely access their favorite content and applications, regardless of what computer they have, what browser they like, or what device suits their needs. No company — no matter how big or how creative — should dictate what you can create, how you create it, or what you can experience on the web." Adobe co-founders

Will Apple listen?  It seems unlikely, and given the ongoing shift we're seeing of websites changing their delivery methods to HTML5 and other Apple-friendly technologies – Scribd being a recent example – there's a considerable shift to combat.