Admitting cool hardware isn't enough, Magic Leap invests big in AR content

Magic Leap has acquired FuzzyCube Software, according to sources, as part of a growing effort to create content for its eventual mixed-reality hardware. According to the sources, Magic Leap also considered buying Moonbot Studios, an animation firm behind some award-winning animations. That deal reportedly didn't go through, though Magic Leap is said to have still managed to nab twelve of its animators and artists for its own products.

The information comes from Business Insider, which reports that Magic Leap is gobbling up creators who will have a vital role in the company — creating awesome products that'll be used by the company's work-in-progress hardware. Whether Magic Leap has any specific creative projects already in the pipeline wasn't stated.

The talks with Moonbot are said to have taken place late last year, and to have ultimately fallen through due to a combination of financial strain and 'complex' problems with some of the studio's intellectual property. That didn't stop Magic Leap from nabbing a dozen of Moonbot's workers, though, none of which are said to be the studio's cofounders.

Moonbot has dissolved as a result of the talent flight, according to the sources, though it seems the cofounders are resurrecting the company is the form of a new business called 'Flight School.' As for the FuzzyCube acquisition, the sources claim the company's workers are still working in Dallas where the company is based, and that less than 10 employees were involved in the deal.

SOURCE: Business Insider