Adidas Climawarm+ tech combines Thermolite and hollow yarn for light warmth

Chris Burns - Nov 29, 2013, 2:03pm CST
Adidas Climawarm+ tech combines Thermolite and hollow yarn for light warmth

This winter there’s an Adidas-branded technology out there by the name of Climawarm+, one that will allow wearers to retain heat in their garments without an overly abundant amount of weight. While most users will see the branding and take the obvious for granted, those of you wanting to know a bit more about how the company makes this simple combination work are in luck – we’ve done just a bit more digging, with some firsthand experience for good measure.

What you’ve got here – and what we’ve experienced – is the combination of hollow yarns and Thermolite technology. Adidas has named their own implementation of this technology with densely woven synthetic fibers Climawarm, and have most recently given the whole line an upgrade with Climawarm+. This newer line brings on more lightness than before with the addition of hollow fibers.


Adidas suggests that the newest hollow fiber technology has been inspired by polar bear’s fur. With the use of C-shaped fibers for sweat management, the Climawarm+ collection is also infused with the ability to dry more rapidly than the common fabric mix.

The system is developed by Adidas’ AIT (Adidas Innovation Team) to create what they’ve found to be the ideal warmth to weight ratio, but market the system to the whole world with a variety of products. There are shirts, shoes, jackets, and pants in the lineup right this minute, with more on the way.


We’ve had just a bit of experience with a Climawarm+ Fleece Hoodie this season so far, bringing on zip pockets on either side for your hand, incorporated thumb-holes in each sleeve, and drawstrings appearing closer to the chest to create a more optimized hood setup. This hoodie is beyond the average amount of hoodie warmth, certainly beating out some of the best sports hoodie solutions we’ve encountered over the past several years.


In other words – a hoodie with Climawarm+ technology infused is not your average, everyday garment. It’s extremely warm and just as light or lighter than your normal hoodie – and it comes in blaze orange (aka “Infared”), too!

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