Adding fuel to your dad's "That's not music" argument

Teenagers all over the land are cursing Mungo Enterprises invention of Infinite Horizon, a clever box of software, electronic doodads and magic cats that can single-handedly replace the spotty oiks that "create" Trance music. Previously, musicians would have to slave for hours with their index fingers, jabbing experimentally on lead synths like the Korg Prophecy or any of a number of Moogs, just to fashion a believeable tune and hence put food on their table. Now with the touch of a button (including a rather tempting big red one) your computerised friend can do it for you, leaving plenty of time to photoshop large breasted women for the CD cover while IM'ing your mates about the pirate radio station you almost set up.

Optional accessories are rumoured to include a sweaty baseball cap, a false gold tooth and half an ounce of the finest dope man can buy.

Mungo Enterprises [via Music Thing]