Activelink Power Loader exoskeleton with force-feedback [Video]

Perfect for the Sigourney Weaver cosplayers among you, Activelink have unveiled their "Power Loader" exoskeleton.  The Japanese Panasonic subsidiary's "dual-arm power amplification robot" has a full 18 electromagnetic motors which will allow the user to lift 100kg (220lbs) even while wearing a shirt and tie.Video demo after the cut

There's also force-feedback, just in case you need to tell exactly how much that Alien Queen is wriggling (or, more likely, how close to the lifting-limit those crates of manga comics are).  The exoskeleton itself weighs 230kg and has an aluminum-alloy frame; as well as the motorized arms there are power-legs and feet, too, so you don't actually have to carry all that weight around yourself.

Activelink expect the Power Loader – which they admit was named after the suit in the Aliens film – to be used in stock management, construction and disaster relief.  It should reach the market in 2015.

[via Pink Tentacle]