Active Media Products Unveils SaberTooth M1 Mini SATA SSD

Active Media Products has a ton of SSDs for all sorts of products and uses that are in its SaberTooth line. The last of the products we talked about was the SaberTooth ZF SSD that was aimed at use in small notebooks and other devices. Active Media Products has rolled out another new SSD in the series called the SaberTooth M1. This storage drive is very small and made to slip into an mSATA port.

The SSD is offered in several different storage capacities including 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. All of the capacities use the same hardware with JEDEC MO-300B mSATA spec support and a Jmicron JMF605 4-channel controller. The drives interface with the SATA-II 4Gbps interface and use MLC NAND inside. The SSDs sip power to help extend the battery life of the device they are plugged into.

Other features include ECC for reliability, bad bit management to prevent errors, and a wear leveling algorithm to help extend the usable life of the SSD. The SSDs come with a screwdriver and an installation guide to help you perform the upgrade. The sequential write speed for the drives is up to 80MB/sec and sequential read is up to 160MB/sec. The 16GB SSD is $74.95, the 32GB version is $94.95, and the 64GB version is $189.95.